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ABnormaldesign is a creative partnership born from the coming together of two different personalities who agree upon

the same vision of form, of aesthetics and who have tried out different types of communication forms over the years.
Professional partnerships and Individual projects connected to graphics, set design,video art and fashion, flow together i

n the common space of installation and interiordesign.
The Studio deals with furnishing projects, industrial and creative design, communication, and bespoke fittings and equipment.
Partial or radical interventions that combine a meticulous quest for furniture and vintage objects, with the design of furnishings

and contemporary accessories. The whole works to redefine a space, to characterize an environment in a unique and recognisable way. Projects that originate from an extreme and formal synthesis combined with the a taste for decoration: productions that tend to free

the communication power of materials and the valuable and accurate Italian handcrafted processing,
deliberately simple in the forms, precious and cross-sectional in the styles.
The choice of the name plays with irony to demolish a concept of professionalism that often is taken too seriously: to debunk i

n order to place the accent on the most real aspect of the material.


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